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Jimmy Henderson Books 

Jimmy Henderson is a specialist in human thinking and behaviour and an author of self-development books and articles relating to emotional, psychological and spiritual development. The site contains details of the services he offers plus in-depth insights into his books and articles. The site also contains links for online purchase of the books and facilities for free download of the articles.  



Services offered through JimmyHendersonBooks :

  • Consultations with regard to improving worker motivation, performance, quality and client service.
  • Specialist advisory services on promotion and appointment boards
  • Lecturing, as well as talks on emotional and psychological issues
  • Free talks relating to the content and processes as described in the books
  • Proofreading and editing of manuscripts
  • Dream-interpretation


At present he has numerous published eBooks/ books:

Jimmy's Amazon Author Page.


Guides by Jimmy Henderson:


  1. A comprehensive guide to Crisis Counselling. (Amazon eBook Link)
  2. Effective Listening Skills for Counsellors and Care Givers (Amazon eBook Link)
  3. A Guide To Effective Parenting. (Amazon eBook Link)
  4. How to Interpret Dreams. (Amazon eBook Link)
  5. Improving Your Relationships. (Amazon eBook Link)
  6. The Power of Symbols, Ritual and Mystical Gestures (Amazon eBook Link)


Books by Jimmy Henderson

  1. In Search of the Oracle: A Book of Spiritual Philosophy. (Amazon eBook Link)
  2. Multi-Dimensional Thinking. (Amazon eBook Link)
  3. Multi-dimensional Perception. (Amazon eBook Link)
  4. Living on the Edge of Darkness. (Amazon eBook Link)

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Spiritual Conversations with Jimmy Henderson

Thought-provoking spiritual and metaphysical articles written by Amazon Best-Selling author 0 Jimmy Henderson
  • Thoughts on space and time By Jimmy Henderson (MA psychology) FRCAs far back as 1787, the philosopher Immanuel Kant expressed his belief that space and time were not scientific absolutes, but rather ‘categories’ of the human mind which allow us to structure and manage reality. Recent thinking in quantum physics supports this view by also suggesting that both time and space are mental formulations which provide us with the framework within which to come to some understanding of the workings of the universe. In other words, they are relative to the thinking and perception of the observer. This can be proven by...